Brain and Spine Center of Texas Testimonials

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"I appreciate the way you focus individually and listen to my concerns."

Dear Dr. Stachniak,

Words can never replace the memories I have of you saving our son. With literally only hours left of his life after a head injury when he was 18) your immediate reaction (we met for the first time in the ER) saved him. For that I will always be grateful and blessed that God brought you to us. Thank you so very much.

- Rue and Bill

Dr. Stachniak,

Thank you so much for your wonderful care and expertise on the surgery you performed on me last August. I went skiing (Black Diamonds) twice this winter, played racquetball and am planning a great summer water skiing this year! Thanks so much.

- Pat

Dr. Stachniak,

It occurred to me that maybe you sometimes only hear from those former patients with a complaint. My result is quite different.

You replaced a disk in my back in August of 2003. You chose not to include my procedure you were participating in at the time, that we could select the desired procedure to use. I’m delighted that we chose… I believe it’s called the in-fuse procedure. I was staying awake at night and being awakened all through the night with movement from back pain. In January of 04, just 5 months after surgery, I went on our family ski trip and skied four days without pain. We just returned from my second pain free ski trip. In fact, after recovering from surgery, I have felt no further back pain. I am able to exercise; I can walk and run for 5-mile distances at age 63. I thank you, from the bottom of my lower back, for fixing it for me.

- Lin

Dear Dr. Stachniak,

God has given you a wonderful talent and I am blessed to have had you as my surgeon. At 7½ weeks post op I feel good as new. Your warm caring bedside manner is an unexpected bonus and a rarity among neurosurgeons I know. Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2001.

Your grateful patient,


Dear Doc,

I just got out of your office for a much needed visit. Thank you for your personal care and attention to detail. I appreciate the way you focus individually and listen to my concerns.

Even in the trying physical situation, I look forward to seeing you. I am thankful to have a doctor that gives me the exceptional care and concern you constantly deliver.

Best regards,


Dear Dr. Stachniak,

Thank you for all your help over the past six weeks! Thanks especially for putting up with my million questions every time I saw you. I know you have a very busy practice but you never acted like you didn’t have time to listen.

I appreciate the effort it must have been to see me every single day I was an inpatient since you practice at so many different hospitals. I really learned some valuable lessons during this illness; and a lot about myself (not all of which I liked). I’m glad you were on call the night of my bleed- thanks for keeping me going so that I can use those lessons.

See you around the hospital. Maybe you won’t recognize me when I shake this moon face and Dilantin stupor!



Dear Dr. Stachniak,

On behalf of our students at Hedgcoxe Elementary School, we want to thank you for coming out to our school to present your program on “Think First”.

Your presentation and the information you shared were very helpful as we begin to focus on safety for the school year. The students were very involved and interested in this topic.

We know that your very busy schedule, as a neurosurgeon doesn’t allow for much extra time. Therefore, your appearance was truly valued by all of us.

It is very refreshing to have caring and committed volunteers such as yourself involved in educating our children on such timely issues as brain and spinal cord injuries. The feedback we received from the students and the teachers was very positive. In addition, the giving away of those bicycle helmets was an added incentive for the children to “Think First”.

We value our partnership with you and look forward to continuing this learning opportunity for our students.


Aileen – Principal
Jackie – Principal Intern

Dear Dr. Stachniak and Staff,

I want to personally thank each of you for the part you played in scheduling my diskectomy and the resulting care I received. It was very hectic and stressful the Friday before my surgery obtaining clearance due to the discovery of my minor heart irregularity, but all went well as a result of your effort. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication!

Again, my most sincere thanks for all you do!

- Virginia

Dearest Dr. Stachniak,

Words alone cannot express what I felt when I regained consciousness after my brain surgery and heard your voice telling me how wonderfully the surgery went. You not only saved my also preserved the quality of my life. What's more, you also preserved the essence of who I am as a person. In other words, you let me keep my soul!

You are a true hero and a great humanitarian.