Top Cervical Spine Surgeons Plano TX: Plan for Post-Discectomy Therapy

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December 14, 2015

top cervical spine surgeons plano txWhen you choose the top cervical spine surgeons Plano TX, you can guarantee the best care, the best results, and the best recovery possible. Removing a herniated or deficient disc and replacing it with an artificial one (a discectomy, to be exact)  is no small undertaking; even the most discreet surgery can involve a substantial recovery. Listed below are the basics of the surgery, the results, and the recovery.

Cervical Disc Neurosurgeon Plano TX: The Surgery

During a discectomy, surgeons access the damaged disc via incision on the front (or anterior) of the neck. This small incision is only big enough for the surgeon to remove the damaged disc from between the cervical vertebrae in question. Once it is safely removed, the new artificial disc is carefully inserted and fitted into place. The surgeon will stitch the incision up in such a way that recovery is as quick as possible.

Cervical Spine Surgeon Plano TX: The Results

As a result of your new artificial disc, you should see a significant improvement in your symptoms. Herniated or damaged discs can’t function as well in their role as a cushion between the vertebrae, so the vertebrae will place undue pressure on nerves and the spinal cord. This pressure causes a series of potential symptoms in the shoulders and arms (and rarely in the legs):

  • tingling
  • numbness
  • weakness
  • pain

The artificial disc inserted between a section of your cervical vertebrae will reliably function as a cushion, and relief of these symptoms will help you enjoy everyday life again.

Top Cervical Spine Surgeons Plano TX: The Recovery

While top cervical spine surgeons Plano TX have helped many people get their lives back on track with discectomies, significant attention to recovery is necessary. Recovery can be divided into three general steps, and should be aided by a physical therapist.
Wound Recovery
For the first three weeks or so, patients should take care to let the incision heal. Simple exercise, such as biking or walking, is a good idea for cardiovascular health and to make sure the tissue around the incision can stand up to basic activity. Isolated neck bending should be avoided, especially “looking up” in the case of an anterior incision.
Basic Flexibility
Following the initial recovery of the wound, flexibility exercising commences. This still avoids advanced movements, but careful rolling of the shoulders, shrugging and moving of the head forwards, backwards, and side to side helps regain the musculature and flexibility of the neck. During this stage, the patient will also engage in modified core and push-up exercises.
Strength Activities
Once initial flexibility is regained, lightly weighted (2-5 lbs.) shrugs and exercises begin. Nerve function is a goal of this stage. It is of the utmost importance that these exercises be performed under the supervision of a therapist and that no unassigned exercise is undertaken by the patient.

Choose Expert Cervical Disc Surgeons at Brain & Spine Center of Texas

When you entrust your well-being to the Brain & Spine Center of Texas, you have the option of choosing the Prestige LP cervical disc, the latest and most advanced artificial disc released by Medtronic. The Prestige LP is constructed of stainless steel in a unique, two-piece ball-and-trough configuration that is designed to maintain motion at the treated vertebral segment. Call 972-943-9779 to learn more today.

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