Top Cervical Spine Surgeons Plano TX: 4 Tips for Cold Weather Pain

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February 27, 2016

Top Cervical Spine Surgeons Plano TXIf you suffer from chronic neck pain, the colder months may seem harder on you than others. Although it is tempting to think that cold weather and pain is just an old wive's tale, according to top cervical spine surgeons Plano TX, the winter actually does impact your neck pain and for some people, it can reach a point where it is debilitating.  The phenomenon is called cold allodynia and for those who suffer from chronic neck pain, colder months can mean an escalation in pain.

How Cold Weather Aggravates Neck and Joint Pain

Colder temperatures can literally shrink tissues surrounding joints, which will pull on nerve endings, causing joint pain. The cooler it is, the more sensitive your nerve endings are, which will cause the muscles around those nerves to tense. Furthermore, when there is a drop in barometric pressure, tissues that are more inflamed will swell, which results in pain. If you were to hike to the top of a very high mountain, where the barometric pressure is very different, you would experience the same symptoms.

Bundle Up

In order to prevent your muscles from contracting as much around your nerve endings, make sure to dress as warmly as comfortable. Wearing compression garments, such as shapewear, to aid in keeping body heat close to your muscles and joints, can also help. For the neck, a fleece scarf will help keep you warm without sacrificing mobility.


Letting the muscles in your next and joints get stiff from disuse will only compound your pain when you have to confront colder temps, say on your walk from your desk to where your car is parked 2 blocks away. Make sure you do extra stretches in the morning and evening and schedule time to do extra stretches on your lunch break and 15-minute breaks.

Exercise Indoors

For some outdoor runners and enthusiasts, the idea of working out indoors may seem disheartening, but from an overall pain management perspective, it's the smart thing to do. Additionally, any injury to your neck or joints may only derail your fitness efforts or put you out of commission entirely.

Pamper Yourself

If you have access to a gym that has a heated swimming pool or whirlpool, indulge in an easy swim or a soak. Heat will help relax the muscles, releasing their contraction around those already stressed nerve endings. A hot bath with some Epsom salts will also do wonders, however, if you suffer from chronic neck pain, make sure you have the proper, comfortable support when lounging in the tub.

If your neck and joints feel healthy, so will you. The top cervical spine surgeons Plano TX at Brain and Spine Center of Texas are committed to providing technically superb, compassionate and timely surgical treatment of chronic neck pain. Our team of physicians and research specialists are committed to discovering promising treatments in the laboratory, and then making them available to our patients. To learn more about out top cervical spine surgeons Plano TX, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us or call 972-943-9779 today!

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