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Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Plano TX: Options for Spinal Stenosis

By user editor
May 20, 2016

From the loss of mobility to intense pain, it is easy to see the benefits of undergoing a minimally invasive back surgery Plano TX for your spinal stenosis. If you are one of the millions suffering from spinal stenosis pain, understanding your options for treatment and pain relief is smart. Using this guide, you will see ... read more

Minimally Invasive Back Surgery at the Brain & Spine Center of Plano

By user editor
April 13, 2016

Having minimally invasive back surgery Plano TX can be very scary. Extended hospital stays don't tend to help. But due to the minimally invasive back surgery techniques that make the Brain and Spine Center of Texas special, many patients go home the same day as their surgery. These procedures include Artificial cervical disc replacement, lumbar ... read more

Preparing For Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Plano TX

By user editor
February 29, 2016

If you need  minimally invasive back surgery Plano TX, then you should know that there are a couple things that need to occur before your procedure. While the professionals at Brain & Spine Center of Texas will go over all the tiny details, be ready for a couple medical procedures to occur. You will need some blood ... read more

Minimally Invasive Lower Back Surgery Plano TX: 3 Questions Answered

By user editor
February 23, 2016

Minimally invasive lower back surgery Plano TX refers to the surgical technique of using small incisions to access the problem area. When surgeons use small incisions instead of large incisions, there is much less force on the surrounding tissues from the retractors. There is also less tissue dissection and in most cases better blood supply ... read more

Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Plano TX: Decompression Discectomy

By user editor
February 23, 2016

Neurosurgeons use minimally invasive back surgery Plano TX to stop pain and pressure from herniated discs. These discs form cushions between each vertebra. Each disc has a tough outer shell and a soft, gelatinous center. As we age, the disc sometimes bulges between vertebrae. If a disc ruptures (herniates), it puts pressure on nearby nerves ... read more

3 Types of Less Invasive Back Surgery That Will Get You Back on Your Feet

By user editor
February 1, 2016

For those suffering from back pain, surgery may be a necessary step that can help them perform just the simplest, everyday tasks. However, due to how extensive some procedures might be, the post-operation recovery can inhibit someone's life. Fortunately, over the past three decades, scientific advancements have led to an increased understanding of spinal bio-mechanics, ... read more

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