Spine Surgery Plano TX: The Most Effective Treatment for Spinal Tumors

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January 15, 2016

Spine Surgery Plano TXWhen it comes to spine surgery Plano TX patients might think the procedure is mostly for repairing damage from an injury or illness, such as vertebral fractures that occur in an automobile accident or from osteoporosis. However, spinal tumor resection is a type of spine surgery that is more common than you may realize. According to the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, the spine is the most common area for primary spinal tumors from other parts of the body to spread, and roughly 10,000 Americans develop spinal column tumors every year, including both tumors that originate in the spine as well as ones that metastasize from another area of the body.

Spinal Tumors Plano TX: Symptoms

Spinal tumors may cause any of a number of different symptoms, depending on where they are located and what type of tumor they are. According to theĀ Mayo Clinic, some of those symptoms can include:

  • back pain that may spread to other parts of the body
  • muscle weakness
  • loss of sensation, specifically in the arms or legs
  • decreased sensitivity to heat, cold, and pain
  • difficulty walking

Back pain that is accompanied by one or more of the other symptoms can be a good indication of a tumor, however, it's important to note that most back pain is not caused by a tumor. Additionally, even if a spinal tumor is present, it's not necessarily a cancerous growth. The rate at which the tumor grows can signal whether or not it is cancer-caused, as cancerous tumors tend to grow quickly, and noncancerous ones progress more slowly.

Removing Tumors

Spine surgery Plano TX is not always the first course of treatment for a spinal column tumor, but it is typically the most effective. This type of spine surgery removes the tumor to alleviate pressure on the spine and to restore communication between the brain and the nerves. Tumor resection can even increase blood flow to the spine as a tumor can often block the flow of blood that is vital for the health and proper function of the spinal cord.

Surgery on the spine is not a simple outpatient procedure, but it is one that can be managed when you have a skilled specialist on your side, such as Dr. Stachniak from the Brain and Spine Center of Texas. With two degrees from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Dr. Stachniak has extensive experience in many types of spine surgery Plano TX patients need including tumor resection. If you experience any type of back pain, don't put diagnosis and treatment off. Make an appointment at the Brain and Spine Center of Texas and get the treatment you need.

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Spine Surgery Plano TX


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