Spine Surgery Plano TX May Be the Answer for Your Lumbar Pain

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February 19, 2016

Spine Surgery Plano TXIf you have chronic lower back pain that does not respond to painkillers or physical therapy, spine surgery Plano TX is an option worth considering. More times than not, pain in the lumbar area is nothing to be worried about. Strained and knotted muscles can cause severe pain, though they usually are not warning signs of anything more serious than overdoing exercise or strenuous physical work. After a few days of taking it easy and resting, that type of lumbar pain should go away on its own, especially if you alternate applying ice and heat to encourage your muscles to loosen up.

Spine Surgery Plano TX: Don't Ignore Lumbar Pain

Though not every twinge in your lower back requires spine surgery Plano TX to alleviate it, that does not mean you should ignore lumbar pain. Web MD points out that there is always a chance that chronic pain in the lower back can be from a torn disc, fractured vertebrae, curvature of the spine, or even from normal wear over the course of your lifetime. Spinal stenosis is another possibility. It is a condition that is typically brought on by osteoarthritis and is characterized by the narrowing of the space around the spinal cord, which places pressure on the cord as well as the nerves, resulting in severe, chronic pain.

Less Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

PainScience.com lists a few less common causes of lumbar pain that are quite serious. Tumors on or close to the spine, infection near the spine, abdominal aneurysm, and a specific type of pinched nerve called cauda equina syndrome are all serious conditions that cause lower back pain. Additionally, even diabetes may cause lumbar pain. Spine surgery may alleviate pain for these issues, but your doctor is the best person to make a diagnosis and provide you with options for treating lumbar pain.

When you experience chronic lower back pain, you should see a specialist. The experienced and skilled physicians at the Brain and Spine Center of Texas have the training and background to pinpoint the cause of your lumbar pain and to treat it in the best way. If the best way happens to be spine surgery Plano TX, the good news is that Dr. Stachniak is a Board Certified M.D. and surgeon who has extensive experience in research as well as hands-on surgical practice using cutting-edge equipment and techniques. Whatever the cause of your chronic lumbar pain, you'll find the help you need at the Brain and Spine Center of Texas. CallĀ (972) 943-9779.

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