Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Plano TX: Decompression Discectomy

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February 23, 2016

Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Plano TXNeurosurgeons use minimally invasive back surgery Plano TX to stop pain and pressure from herniated discs. These discs form cushions between each vertebra. Each disc has a tough outer shell and a soft, gelatinous center. As we age, the disc sometimes bulges between vertebrae. If a disc ruptures (herniates), it puts pressure on nearby nerves and causes intense pain.

When a patient suffers from a herniated disc or other associated problems (sciatica, neck pain, spinal stenosis or back pain), doctors recommend six weeks to three months of non-surgical treatments. This may include physical therapy, exercise, medication, chiropractic treatment and ESIs (epidural steroid injections). When these treatments don’t, work a decompression discectomy or microdiscectomy is indicated.


A decompression discectomy can be performed in all three sections of the spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar), and won’t inflict heat damage on the nerve root. During the procedure, the neurosurgeon removes some of the bone under the nerve root. This gives the nerve root more room to heal. This surgery is usually performed on a herniated lumbar disc and is effective in treating radicular (leg) pain. A decompression discectomy (sometimes called a microdiscectomy) doesn’t alter muscles and joints, allowing the lumbar (lower) spine region to remain intact. Leg pain disappears for most patients immediately after surgery.


During a decompression discectomy, the surgeon may also perform spinal fusion (fuse some of the vertebrae affected), take out bone spurs, perform a laminectomy (remove some vertebrae parts), or help relieve stenosis by taking out fibrous tissues. These procedures are designed to bring spinal segments back to normal and eliminate pain.

A decompression discectomy usually takes half an hour to perform, and a hospital stay isn’t required in most cases. Patients can return to work in 7 to 10 days, and physical therapy may be needed to strengthen the back and legs to prevent a recurrence.

The Brain and Spine Center of Texas offer the newest minimally invasive back surgery Plano TX for better results and shorter recovery time. Decompression discectomies and other back surgeries are performed by Rebecca E. Stachniak, M.D, a board-certified neurosurgeon. If you're experiencing back pain or pressure from a herniated disc don't live with the pain; we are here to help! Give The Brain and Spine Center of Texas a call today at 972-943-9779 with any questions or to request an appointment!


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