Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Can Put a Stop to Back Pain

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April 19, 2016

Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Plano TXLiving with radiating neck pain, muscle spasms and numbness can lead to a decrease in your daily quality of life. Corticosteroid injections and physical therapy provide relief for some people, but not everyone. When the degeneration or herniation of cervical discs is severe enough that the non-surgical efforts are not working, it might be time to look into disc replacement.

A minimally invasive cervical disc replacement surgery followed by physical therapy and you can be back to living a pain-free life again. There are 5 different artificial disc options for the surgeon to choose from based on individual spinal degeneration and anatomy.

By calling the Brain and Spine Center of Texas in Plano, Texas, Doctor Stachniak can help you find the right fit and solution for your neck pain.

Brain and Spine Center of Texas | Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Plano, TX | 972-943-9779

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Mminimally Invasive Back Surgery Plano TX


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