Expert Cervical Disc Surgeons Use Prestige LP to Alleviate Neck Pain

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December 16, 2015

Expert Cervical Disc SurgeonsIf you have chronic pain in your neck, you may want to seek out expert cervical disc surgeons who specialize in discectomies and replacements with artificial cervical discs. Those doctors whose practices focus on performing operations using superior artificial discs have the experience and expertise to recommend the best disc based on individual conditions and needs. Having that level of skill and understanding sets patients up for quicker recovery and better results when it comes to alleviating neck pain and increasing mobility and function.

Cervical Disc Surgery Plano TX: Benefits of the Prestige® LP Cervical Disc

An example of one of the top artificial discs in the industry is the Prestige® LP Cervical Disc. Produced by Medtronic Sofamor Danek USA, Inc., of Memphis, Tennessee, the Prestige LP is used by expert cervical disc surgeons when one cervical disc is damaged or degenerated to the point of causing numbness, pain, and weakness in the arms. Having the diseased disc removed and replaced with a Prestige LP Cervical Disc offers comparable results to having discs fused, an operation that is often performed in similar cases. The artificial disc is placed between the cervical vertebrae that flank the damaged disc to retain the natural space between the vertebrae. One nice thing about opting for a Prestige LP artificial disc is that, unlike with cervical disc fusion surgery, some range of motion, such as bending, is retained.

When the Prestige LP Cervical Disc is placed between two adjacent cervical vertebrae, it keeps them from collapsing on each other, eliminating the pain and weakness that results when a cervical disc is damaged or degenerated enough to allow pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves. Made from titanium ceramic alloy, the Prestige LP Cervical Disc has a better success rate overall than cervical fusion surgery--over 79 percent with the Prestige LP versus under 67 percent with cervical fusion, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Get Pain Relief from a Expert Cervical Disc Neurosurgeon Plano TX

When you experience neck pain, the expert cervical disc surgeons at the Brain & Spine Center of Texas are skilled in using the Prestige LP Cervical Disc to alleviate your symptoms and get you back to living life. In fact, Dr. Stachniak was the lead research investigator for the Prestige LP, giving her unique insight into how the device works and which cases are likely to respond best to it. When it comes to neck pain, you will benefit from the most progressive cervical disc surgical techniques available and receive compassionate, high-quality care when you call the Brain & Spine Center of Texas at 972-943-9779.

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Expert Cervical Disc Surgeons


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