Expert Cervical Disc Surgeons Have Come a Long Way Since Spinal Fusion

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April 19, 2016

Expert Cervical Disc SurgeonsDisc degeneration has kept expert cervical disc surgeons busy since the profession was invented, but the way we treat such ailments has taken a drastic turn for the better.

While the way we abuse (or don't abuse) our bodies certainly plays a significant role in how our cervical discs hold up---let's hope you aren't engaging in one of the harmful cell phone habits that can cause some serious neck and back pain---modern surgeons are now able to repair damage in ways that leave you as healthy or healthier than before.

As we age, our spine can take quite a beating. In between each vertebra is a disc, and this disc acts as a cushion. In other words, spinal discs are like shock absorbents that help us to walk, jump, bend, and performing various jolting activities without injuring or damaging our vertebrae. Our spinal discs grow old, though (just like us), and as they do, they gradually wear thinner and thinner, lose moisture, and lose the ability to absorb shock. That's when expert cervical disc surgeons have to step in.

How Expert Cervical Disc Surgeons Worked In the Past

The more traditional method of fixing this problem is through spinal fusion. A surgeon would enter through the anterior, or the front, of the neck and perform a discectomy on the patient. A "discectomy" refers to the surgical removal of a faulty disc from between two vertebrae, and the "fusion" part follows the discectomy.

Fusion simply refers to the binding of two vertebrae together. Once the degenerated disc is removed, the surgeon will use a bone graft to connect ("fuse") the two vertebrae, thus encouraging the vertebrae to grow together.

Here's the problem: when fusion is performed, the patient can lose motion and flexibility in the region where the fusion was performed. If an artificial disc were present, the patient would have enjoyed a full recovery of motion.

Artificial Cervical Discs TX Are The Best Alternative

Modern medicine has produced artificial discs that work just as well as a healthy and natural spinal disc. Expert cervical disc surgeons still perform a discectomy to remove the bad disc, but once that is finished, they simply implant a new one. No fusion is required, and patients receive all of their former flexibility.

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Expert Cervical Disc Surgeons


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