Expert Cervical Disc Surgeons: Artificial Mobi-C Cervical Discs for Disc Replacement

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December 7, 2015

Expert Cervical Disc SurgeonsExpert cervical disc surgeons can choose from several different types of artificial discs to replace damaged or worn natural discs during a cervical discectomy and arthroplasty. The Mobi-C® cervical disc is made of Cobalt Chromium endplates with a polyethylene insert. The Mobi-C® disc is FDA-approved, and can be used for one and two-level disc replacement, unlike other artificial discs that can be used for one level only.

Expert Cervical Disc Surgeons: What an Artificial Cervical Disc Does

The Mobi-C® and other artificial discs are designed to restore motion at the disc’s space. It’s used as a modern alternative to ACDF, or spinal fusion surgery. An artificial cervical disc reduces deterioration of adjacent segments of the cervical spine, restores normal neck movement, allows for faster recovery and earlier neck motion after surgery and eliminates the need for a bone graft or hardware used in spinal fusion surgery. The first cervical disc replacement occurred in 1964, and the operation has been upgraded with new technology and procedures many times since then.

Expert Cervical Disc Surgeons: Mobi-C® Specifications

The Mobi-C® has many features other artificial discs lack. It has patented mobile-bearing technology to provide more natural cervical spine movement and is designed to eliminate the need for invasive screws or bone chiseling. It offers more flexibility for precise placement. The neurosurgeon inserts it in one step, without inserting keels or screws. The Mobi-C® comes pre-assembled in a disposable cartridge.

LDR, Mobi-C®’s manufacturer, conducted a five-year clinical study on cervical disc replacement surgery using the Mobi-C® disc. The results indicated:

  • In one level surgeries, Mobi-C® had a 65.9% success rate compared to 60.7% for ACDF (spinal fusion).
  • In level two surgeries, it had a 62.8% success rate compared to 34.1% for spinal fusion.
  • Mobi-Disc® patients return to work sooner than ACDF patients - an average of 29.3 days for level one cervical disc replacement patients and 36.8 days for spinal fusion patients; 45.9 days for level two Mobi-Disc® patients compared to 66.8 days for ACDF patients. 1

The expert cervical disc surgeons at the Brain and Spine Center of Texas have experience implanting the Mobi-C® disc and other types of artificial cervical discs. If you are having neck pain and non-surgical treatment isn’t helping, call us at 972-943-9779. We serve Plano and surrounding areas. Rebecca E. Stachniak, M.D. is a board-certified neurosurgeon with experience using the Mobi-C® cervical disc as well as other types of cervical discs. Dr. Stachniak and her staff will help you determine the best treatment to eliminate your neck pain.



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