Cervical Spine Surgeon Plano TX: Neck Pain Relief and Artificial Discs

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December 14, 2015

cervical spine surgeon plano txA cervical spine surgeon Plano TX helps patients with neck pain and motion issues by offering a cervical discectomy to remove the damaged disc and replace it with an artificial one. The artificial disc provides movement and relieves pain, and is indicated in severe cases of cervical spine pain or stiffness. This procedure is an alternative to spinal fusion surgery and offers a faster recovery time than its traditional counterpart.

Cervical Spine Surgeon Plano Tx: Are You a Good Candidate for Disc Replacement?

You may be a good candidate for a cervical discectomy and disc replacement if your condition hasn’t responded to massage, physical therapy or pain medication and you have extreme neck pain, weakness or numbness in your hands and pain radiating down your arms. You’ll also need to be at least 18 years of age and need an artificial disc at only one level of your neck.

Artificial Discs and What They Do

Following the cervical discectomy, your surgeon places an artificial disc in place of the removed one. This replacement procedure is called arthroplasty, or joint replacement. Artificial discs ensure mobility between the disc spaces. They function like a natural joint, offering the curvature and height of a real disc. The artificial disc allows the joint to flex, extend, rotate and bend like a healthy, natural disc. An artificial cervical disc lets you move your neck without pain. Your doctor can choose from several discs, depending on the severity of your condition and the position of the damaged natural disc.

A Good Choice for Joint Replacement: The Prestige® ST Artificial Disc

At the Brain and Spine Center of Texas, we have experience with five types of artificial cervical discs, including the Prestige® ST. This disc is used for the C3 to C7 vertebrae of the cervical spine. A clinical study on patients found the Prestige® ST to be safe and effective as a replacement for diseased cervical discs. 1 Our cervical spine surgeon Plano TX, Dr. Rebecca Stachniak, M.D., participated in research trials for the Prestige ST artificial disc and is an expert on joint replacement using this device. She is also skilled in performing cervical discectomies with joint replacement using other types of replacement discs. Call us today at 972-943-9779 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Stachniak and her staff will discuss the pros and cons of a cervical discectomy with arthroplasty with you, and answer all your questions regarding preparation, surgery and recovery time.

1 http://www.medtronic.com/patients/cervical-herniated-discs/device/our-artificial-disc/prestige/index.htm

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