Cervical Herniated Disc Plano TX: 5 Signs For a Herniated Disc

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May 20, 2016

Cervical Herniated Disc Plano TXNeck pain is an initial sign that you should consult your doctor about a possible cervical herniated disc Plano TX. While this symptom may be a common indicator of a problem, you may experience other surprising signs of a herniated or slipped disc. Using this guide, you will understand the other signs of a herniated disc in the neck and the importance of seeking immediate care from your physician.

Arm and Shoulder Pain

When the soft material inside your vertebral discs protrudes out, there is no protective cushion between each of your discs. This places pressure on your neck and spine, resulting in pain. However, this pressure will cause pain in other areas of your body, such as your arms and shoulders.

While surprising for many patients to learn, pain that radiates through the arms and shoulders is another sign of a herniated disc in the neck. Certain movements may increase this pain, limiting your mobility and decreasing your quality of life.

Numbness and Tingling Sensations

If you are experiencing numbness or tingling sensations in your arms, shoulders, hands, and fingers, you may have a cervical herniated disc Plano TX.  These sensations may feel similar to carpal tunnel syndrome or gout disorder.

In addition, the herniated disc in your neck affects your nerves, weakening your upper body strength. You may struggle to move your arms, shoulders, and neck. Lifting objects may also be difficult due to the weakness of your limbs from the herniated disc.

Spine/Back Problems

Your herniated disc may be in your neck, but the protrusion of material out of your disc can place pressure on your spinal cord. This pressure will cause pain in your entire back and possibly radiate through the lower parts of your body.

The pain can be overwhelming, but it can also decrease your ability to walk, run, sit, and stand. If you are struggling to walk without stumbling, you may be dealing with a herniated disc in your neck that is affecting your spine.

The pressure on your spine may also decrease your fine motor skills. Many individuals with a cervical herniated disc also experience a shocking sensation periodically through their torso. This sensation causes discomfort, but can also be very frightening.

From pain in your arms and shoulders to numbness and difficulty walking, the signs of a herniated disc in the neck may be surprising. To determine if you have a cervical herniated disc Plano TX, contact the Brain & Spine Center of Texas today at (972) 943-9779.

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Cervical Herniated Disc Plano TX


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