Cervical Disc Surgery Plano TX: The Bryan Cervical Disc

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December 7, 2015

Cervical Disc Surgery Plano TXCervical Disc Surgery Plano TX treats problems of the neck or cervical spine. The cervical spine contains the spinal cord, which sends messages to the brain and controls your body movements. When injuries or wear and tear from aging impair normal neck function, a neurosurgeon may need to replace the natural disc using an artificial disc during an operation called a cervical discectomy.

Cervical Disc Surgery Plano TX: The Bryan Cervical Disc

 There are several different types of artificial discs the surgeon can use during the operation. One of the most widely used, the Bryan ® cervical disc, helps patients regain normal movement in the neck. It’s used to relieve the symptoms of degenerative disc disease. This disc replaces the damaged natural disc in the neck. It’s made of two titanium shells and a plastic core. The Bryan® disc is implanted in the disc space between vertebrae during the cervical discectomy.

Cervical Disc Surgery Plano TX: What is a Cervical Discectomy?

 A cervical discectomy is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. The neurosurgeon makes an incision in the front of the neck and separates the soft tissues there. After locating the damaged disc, the surgeon spreads the vertebrae above and below and then removes the damaged disc and disc materials with special surgical tools. A replacement cervical disc is inserted in its place and the incision is then stitched.

The Bryan® Cervical Disc treats the disc spaces between the C3 and C7 vertebrae. It is available in several sizes so the neurosurgeon can fit the artificial disc to match your cervical spine. If a patient experiences neck pain, arm pain, stiffness or numbness, and doesn’t respond to physical therapy, medication or massage, a cervical discectomy and arthroplasty procedure may be necessary. Cervical arthroplasty is the actual joint replacement, which takes place after the damaged natural joint is removed.

The Bryan artificial cervical disc has undergone rigorous testing. One study found that 80.6% of Bryan® disc patients were satisfied with their results after 24 months compared to 70.7% for spinal fusion surgery.1

If you or a loved one needs treatment for a cervical spine disorder, make an appointment with the Brain and Spine Center of Texas to see if you're a good candidate for cervical disc surgery Plano TX.  Rebecca E. Stachniak, M.D. and her staff use the latest technological advances for safer, more expedient surgery and recovery. Our medical providers are dedicated to perfecting advanced treatment methods to provide better results. Call us today at 972-943-9779 to schedule an appointment.

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Cervical Disc Surgery Plano TX


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