Cervical Disc Surgery Plano TX: Five Cervical Disc Options

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December 7, 2015

Cervical Disc Surgery Plano TXHerniation and degeneration of vertebrae discs are a leading factor in cervical disc surgery Plano TX. When the cushions between the vertebrae become protruded, deteriorated or ruptured, they can cause pressure on the spinal nerve. This pressure can lead to excruciating pain and immobility. The damage to the cushions between the vertebrae can be the result of tumors, injury or even everyday wear and tear on the body. Fortunately, many disc problems can be alleviated through surgical intervention.

There are five effective artificial disc options in cervical disc surgery Plano TX that can be used to replace damaged and/or diseased discs. These five options are differentiated by their design, materials, coating and mobility. The options include the Bryan®, the Mobi-C®, the Prestige LP®, the Prestige ST® and the Secure®-C.

The BRYAN® cervical disc option is designed to be implanted in the cervical spine or neck. Once implanted it helps in maintaining neck motion. This device is recommended for people suffering from single-level disc disease symptoms and provides an alternative to some spinal fusion surgery patients.

The Mobi-C® device is designed to restore disc height and segmental motion. Its components include inferior and superior Titanium-coated alloy endplates along with a polyethylene insert. The patented mobile core offers controlled mobility and height restoration, allowing patients to regain spinal segment physiological mobility.

The Prestige® LP cervical disc is used to treat a single diseased cervical disc that is causing pain and numbness in the arm. Made of titanium-ceramic alloy, this device is fitted between two adjacent vertebrae surfaces as a replacement of a diseased disc. It offers improved range of motion including rotation and bending.

The Prestige® ST provides an alternative to spinal fusion surgery. This device restores flexibility and motion through its ball and socket design and a non-fusion procedure. It is implanted between the vertebrae after the removal of damaged or diseased discs.

The SECURE®-C artificial cervical disc employs a motion-sparing technology design and is used in place of a fusion procedure. This innovative design makes full rotation, extension, and flexibility possible.

Your cervical disc surgeon will discuss with you the range of artificial discs available to use in your cervical disc surgery Plano TX and will recommend the best option for your health situation based on your personal anatomy, spine condition, and overall health.

To find out more about our cervical disc surgery Plano TX, or to make an appointment, call the Brain  Spine Center of Texas at 972-943-9779 today!


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Cervical Disc Surgery Plano TX


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