Cervical Herniated Disc Plano TX

Cervical Herniated Disc Plano TX: 5 Signs For a Herniated Disc

By user editor
May 20, 2016

Neck pain is an initial sign that you should consult your doctor about a possible cervical herniated disc Plano TX. While this symptom may be a common indicator of a problem, you may experience other surprising signs of a herniated or slipped disc. Using this guide, you will understand the other signs of a herniated ... read more

Cervical Herniated Disc Plano TX: Artificial Discs Restore Movement

By user editor
December 14, 2015

When you suffer from a cervical herniated disc Plano TX, your neurosurgeon may replace the damaged disc with an artificial one. After all non-invasive treatments are exhausted, a cervical discectomy may be recommended. During this surgery, the damaged disc is removed and replaced with an artificial disc to restore movement and relieve pain. Cervical Herniated ... read more