Back Surgeon Plano TX: What You Didn't Know About The Lumbar Region

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April 26, 2016

Back Surgeon Plano TXA back surgeon Plano TX once said that if you want to get a good concept of the lumbar region, you need to visualize the game "Jenga." In Jenga, of course, the blocks on the lower third of the tower support all of the blocks above them. Your lumbar region is that lower third.

It's hardly a surprise, then, that one of the most common places we find back pain is in the lumbar region. Almost everything we do, whether exercising, resting with bad posture, or sitting at a desk, impacts the lumbar region of the spine in some way. Here's a quick guide to the most heavily-burdened part of your spine.

Back Surgeon Plano TX: Pieces of the Lumbar Region

The lumbar region is made out of five vertebrae, and it rests immediately above the base of your spine. The base is often referred to as the "sacrum." The sacrum is very interesting---it's essentially a fusion of several different bones all merging together at the base of your spine. When one of the many bones in the sacrum forms as a vertebrae, it is referred to as a "transitional vertebrae," since it functions like a sixth (and lowest) member of the lumbar region.

The Backwards C

Think of the entire spine as a large "S." The bottom curve of that S, or a backwards C, is where the lumbar region resides. The shape of our spine is what helps us keep balance, stand tall, and absorb shock---if the spine were a straight rod, like so many people think it is, we wouldn't have nearly the balance and physical capabilities that we have now.

You Lumbar Vertebrae are Connected to Your Pelvis

Isn't is interesting (and unfortunate) that your lumbar region is often the part of your back that experiences the most pain? One important reason for this is that your lumbar region is connected to the pelvis, which is the leading weight-bearing section of your bone structure. Additionally, every time we pick up a heavy object the wrong way, we place enormous pressure on the lower back.

Honestly, most of us lift boxes, chairs, couches, and everything else the wrong way, even though we know that bending over and using our back isn't a good idea. You back surgeon Plano TX wants you to use your legs next time, though! A squatting motion is far safer than bending from the waste.

Do have any questions about pain in your lumbar region? Call your back surgeon Plano TX at (972) 943-9779 to learn more about this crucial area of the spine or to consult about back pain.


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