Back Surgeon Plano TX: 4 Celebrities Who Needed Back Surgery

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March 14, 2016

Back Surgeon Plano TXSure, back surgery can be debilitating for a time, and yes, even the best back surgeon Plano TX will have to prepare you for a rehabilitation and recovery process. The good news is twofold, though:

  • You will recover and be even more able-bodied than before.
  • Many others have had back surgery before you and accomplished great things because of it.

Let’s take a look at some notable back surgeries from the past. You might be amazed at the things these people accomplished after surgery, and you might benefit from knowing that you’re not alone!

 Tony Romo
We have to start with a Texas favorite, of course. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback has amassed a huge amount of hits and sacks along with his 247 touchdowns, and his back ultimately paid the price. Remember when he needed a microdiscectomy to help relieve pain caused by a herniated disc? That was in 2013, and his career in the NFL has since continued. He’s no more injury-free than he was before, but at least his current woes involve his collarbone and not his back!

Peyton Manning
You may remember that Peyton Manning underwent surgery in 2011 because of a herniated disc, and the Colts decided that was a good time to part ways with the future hall of famer. That’s when Denver picked him up and consequently appeared in two Super Bowls (winning one)---the rest, as they say, is history.

We’ve looked at two NFL quarterbacks who conquered back surgery, so let’s look at some career choices that doesn’t necessarily cause back injury . . .

George W. Bush
The former president---and current Texas resident---addressed his back pain with surgery in 2013, according to the National Journal. While bulging discs are a tremendous source of discomfort, his surgery corrected the problem and he is now going on with his life.

Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Grey, the iconic Dirty Dancing star, won Dancing With the Stars in 2010, but she had to undergo spine surgery in the same year. Her chronic pain was caused by a car accident in 1987, but she says that her pain left after surgery.

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