Avoid Spine Surgery Plano TX By Doing These 4 Exercises

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March 7, 2016

Spine Surgery Plano TXFor those of you who want to avoid spine surgery Plano TX, we’ve already discussed three exercises that you should stop doing. Just in case we robbed you of some of your favorite workouts, though, we wanted to offer a few alternatives! It’s true---you can stay fit without hurting your back. We promise. Check out these five exercises and give them a try.

Exercises to Help Avoid Spine Surgery Plano TX: Partial Crunches

Since sit ups are one of the most popular workouts around, we thought we should suggest an alternative that doesn’t put stress on your back and lower discs. Here’s how “partial crunches” work:

  • Get on the floor in a normal sit up position with the knees bent.
  • With your hands behind your head, raise your shoulders off the floor until you feel your abdominal muscles engage. After holding that position for a few seconds, lower yourself back down. Don’t allow your lower back off the floor!

Exercises to Help Avoid Lumbar Surgery Plano TX: Single-Leg Raises

Single-leg raises provide an alternative to the exercise generally known as “leg raises.” You may have done leg raises in the past by lying on your back and raising both legs simultaneously. Unfortunately, this exercise can do more harm than good, especially if you wouldn’t call yourself an advanced athlete. Take some of the pressure off your back by raising only one leg at a time and leaving the other leg in a bent position rather than flat against the floor.


No, this isn’t the “planking” that you’ve seen on viral Youtube videos. This is an exceptional abdomen workout that won’t cause too much stress on your back. Start by lying face-down on the floor. Bring your elbows beneath your body, and hold yourself up on the floor. Note: the point of this exercise is to hold your body in a straight, rigid way. Don’t arch or bend your back---if your back is bent at all, your core won’t get the same workout.

Knees To the Chest

For this exercise, follow the same motions as single leg raises, only bring one of your knees to your chest at a time. In short, start off in sit up position, then bring one knee up, slowly, until it touches your chest. Then lower it back to the floor, slowly, until your foot is flat against the floor. Repeat with the other leg.

Safe exercise strategies aren’t the only thing that will keep you from needing spine surgery Plano TX, but they can definitely help you avoid back problems. When you do have back trouble, don’t hesitate to call the Brain and Spine Center of Texas at (972) 943-9779 or contact us online.

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