Artificial Cervical Discs Plano Texas: Exercise to Combat Back Pain

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April 12, 2016

Artificial Cervical Disc Plano TXArtificial cervical discs Plano Texas provide one way to fight back pain, and did you know that you might also be able to regulate your chronic back pain by exercising? Exercising fights stress, pain, and so many other problems. The act of exercising itself helps with chronic back pain, but it all starts with endorphins.

Artificial Cervical Discs Plano Texas: Exercise Releases Endorphins

We've all heard the many benefits of exercising: everything from weight loss and self-esteem boosts to pain management. Those are certainly some key positives, but another big one is the fact that exercising releases endorphins.  Here’s the gist of how endorphins work: when you exercise, your body releases endorphins. These endorphins act as neurotransmitters; they bind with certain receptors in your brain, and these receptors spark two reactions:

  1. They tell the body to start blocking pain receptors, so you are less sensitive to pain.
  2. They trigger the release of dopamine (dopamine triggers pleasure).

Basically, endorphins act as a natural pain reliever, and they function as a natural stimulant that makes you happier. So if you are considering artificial cervical discs Plano TX, you are likely on pain killers---and using endorphins to your advantage may keep you from needing as many pills. And how do you naturally release those wonderful endorphins? Through doctor-approved exercise.

Artificial Cervical Discs Plano Texas: Try These Two Exercises For Back Pain

Some exercises help your back pain more than others (and some exercises can hurt you more than they help!). Try these two exercises to help prevent and alleviate back pain. Always talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Work Your Core
You core muscles influence your whole body, but they probably don’t get exercised throughout your everyday lifestyle. That means it will take a concerted effort on your part; the good news is that even a few minutes per day can still help. Your core muscles will especially lend a helping hand if you experience lower back pain. Some effective core exercises include: planks, side planks,  and"bird dog" core exercises.

Work Your Hamstrings
You might not think that your hamstrings have anything to do with your back, but your hamstrings might actually be one of the causes of your lower back pain. You can alleviate back pain by simply stretching your hamstrings a couple of times per day.

If exercise and stretching doesn't fix your back pain and you are considering artificial cervical discs Plano TX, call the experts at the Brain and Spine Center of Texas at (972) 943-9779.

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