Artificial Cervical Disc Plano TX: Avoid These 3 Exercises

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March 22, 2016

Artificial Cervical Disc Plano TXExercising incorrectly may lead to you needing an artificial cervical disc Plano TX.  Avoid these 3 exercises to help prevent back pain:

Sit-ups: Traditional sit-ups can hurt your lower back, so try doing partial sit-ups instead. When you leave your lower back against the ground, you don't cause the same strain.

Loaded Calf Raises: You should find an alternative to this exercise right now. Loaded calf raises add lots of of extra weight on your shoulders that directly compresses cervical and spinal discs.

Leg Lifts: When you do leg lifts, you can feel all that pressure in your lower back. Consider finding an alternative to this disc-busting workout routine.

If you need a solution to back pain, call the Brain and Spine Center of Texas at 972-943-9779.


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Artificial Cervical Disc Plano TX


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