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Cervical Disc Neurosurgeon: Maintain Range of Motion with SECURE-C

By user editor
December 7, 2015

A cervical disc neurosurgeon knows degeneration of the discs in a patient’s neck can be upsetting, because in addition to neck pain, symptoms may include radiating shoulder pain that moves down the arms, along with muscle spasms and numbness. A herniated disc, spondylosis or narrowing of the cervical disc calls for surgery if initial treatments, ... read more

Expert Cervical Disc Surgeons: Artificial Mobi-C Cervical Discs for Disc Replacement

By user editor
December 7, 2015

Expert cervical disc surgeons can choose from several different types of artificial discs to replace damaged or worn natural discs during a cervical discectomy and arthroplasty. The Mobi-C® cervical disc is made of Cobalt Chromium endplates with a polyethylene insert. The Mobi-C® disc is FDA-approved, and can be used for one and two-level disc replacement, ... read more

A Cervical Disc Neurosurgeon Plano TX Can Recommend Prestige ST

By user editor
December 7, 2015

A professional cervical disc neurosurgeon Plano TX will always exhaust non-surgical treatments for neck pain before resorting to an operation. However, physical therapy and exercise don't always work to alleviate the pain, weakness and numbness that results when a diseased or degenerated cervical disc allows vertebrae to put pressure on spinal nerves and the spinal ... read more

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